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20a. Gibson L-5S (1973-74), cherry sunburst, low-impedance pickups
20b. Gibson L-5S (1974-75), cherry sunburst, humbucking pickups

Initially thought to be one and the same guitar, this entry actually covers two instruments,
identical but for the pickups. Both finished in cherry sunburst, the first carried large, slanted
low-impedance pickups, while the second was fitted with the more common metal-covered

The first Gibson L-5S with large, slanted low-impedance pickups is seen in a colour
photograph in which Paul is seated at home playing while wearing headphones (see FAS,
March 1996 Issue 67; FAS, September 2003 Issue 102; FAS, April 2008 Issue 117; Back
Street Crawler Deluxe Edition 2-CD (2008)).

Paul strums the same guitar, supposedly serenading a young woman on a couch, in a b/w
promo shot from 1974, printed in the official souvenir programme for Back Street Crawler’s
second UK tour in November 1975.

Koss was photographed playing the second L-5S with humbucking pickups at Birmingham
Town Hall, June 3 1975, on Back Street Crawler’s first UK tour (see the entry ‘Tons Of Sobs:
Free’s World Of Blues Power And Passion’ in History Of Rock (publisher unknown), 1982;
Heavy Load, David Clayton & Todd K. Smith, Moonshine Publishing, 2000; FAS, September 2003 Issue 102; FAS, November 2007 Issue 115).


The whereabouts of the first Gibson L-5S with low-impedance pickups is not known.
After Paul died, the second L-5S with humbuckers was purchased by legendary Finnish
guitarist Pekka ‘Albert’ Järvinen of Kalevala, Hurriganes, Royals and others, according to
Antti Koponen of the Free Appreciation Society. Järvinen bought the instrument in London
and used it extensively between 1976 and 1979.
Sadly, Järvinen died in 1991, and the guitar now belongs to a Finnish collector.
Photos of the Gibson L-5S with humbuckers in the hands of Pekka Järvinen can be found

* Thanks to FAS member Antti Koponen, originally from Finland, for his assistance with this

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33.Gibson Les Paul TV (1957), beige/limed/yellow (Hard Rock Cafe)



John 5 of David Lee Roth and Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie demonstrates the guitar for Hard Rock Cafe, at

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original-chainsaw- case-/281612962386 

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